John Anderson

When Packers fans hear the name John Anderson, they think of the imposing linebacker that set the team record for tackles during a stellar career that landed him on the NFL’s all decade team for the 1980’s. He was one of the lone bright spots on the otherwise dismal Packer teams of the decade. That John Anderson is retired, but Packer fans can rest assured. There is another John Anderson proudly carrying Titletown’s torch.

The John Anderson we’re talking about never played professional football, but you can catch him reporting on the NFL every week on ESPN. Born in Green Bay, John Anderson was a Packer fan at birth. He had season tickets to Lambeau before he was in junior high.

Anderson left the dairy state to attend college at the University of Missouri. He made a few stops at news stations across the country before landing at ESPN, but Anderson never forgot his roots. In 2008, Anderson stuck up for Green Bay when ESPN was trying to figure out which city should be considered the true “TitleTown USA”.

After last year’s Super Bowl victory, Anderson explained to ESPN why championships are so important to Packer fans. “Winning is great for the city because the place is so tied to the franchise,” Anderson says. “If you ask somebody in Boston who Tom Brady plays for they will answer ‘The Patriots,’ but ask somebody in Green Bay who Aaron Rodgers plays for, they will tell you ‘He plays for us.’”

We’re happy to have John on “our” side and proud to honor him as this week’s Big Cheese. Here’s to hoping the Packers go undefeated and repeat as champs this year so you can quiet down all those Pats fans up in Bristol once and for all.

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