Brian Baumgartner

In our latest edition of Big Cheese we take a look at comedic actor Brian Baumgartner.  Most of you know Baumgartner as Dunder Mifflin accountant Kevin Malone from the popular sitcom "The Office."  But did you also know that Baumgartner spends his Sundays at Lambeau Field cheering for the green and gold?

Baumgartner's story is different from many Packer fans.  Many, if not all fans are born in Wisconsin.  Starr, Lombardi, Lambeau, Favre...these are words we grow up with.  Brian grew up in Atlanta and was introduced to football and his first team, the Falcons, by his father. 

What was it that caused Brian to change his colors? A friendship with an up-and-coming QB from Green Bay.  Aaron Rodgers and Baumgartner teamed up in the American Century Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, NV, and from there Green Bay picked up yet another celebrity fan.  The relationship has continued throughout the years, Aaron Rodgers has been featured on "The Office" with Baumgartner and you can see "The Office" star roaming the sidelines at Lambeau Field on any given week.

Brian will admit that he still runs into tough situations when his two "football worlds" collide.  Baumgartner recalls Green Bay's 2010 Super Bowl run when the Packers traveled to Atlanta to play the Falcons in the Divisional Round of the Playoffs.  "When the Packers went on their run to the Super Bowl, playing the Falcons, it was tough for me." Baumgartner told ESPN.  "Do I root for my allegiance, the team I grew up with, or you know, my buddy? It created some internal problems for me." 

Rest assured, Packers fans he was rooting for the Pack.  "I was rooting for Aaron Rodgers.  I was rooting for the Packers.  He's a friend, and I wanted to see my friend go to the Super Bowl." 

Baumgartner traveled with the team throughout the postseason in 2010 and he made sure he was in Dallas to see the Lombardi Trophy come home.  "I had a great time at the Super Bowl, rooting them on, watching them win," Baumgartner told ESPN's Jon Gold.