Driver makes Forbe's Top 10 Most Liked NFL Players

Forbes - Tom Van Riper

Everyone loves the NFL. The individual players? That’s a different story. As with any sports league, fans choose their heroes and villains. Forbes released their annual Top 10 Most (And Least) Liked NFL Players and Donald Driver makes the list at 7th for the Most Liked NFL player.

Nielsen recently collaborated on a survey with E-Poll Market Research aimed at finding out which NFL players resonated with fans as appealing, and which didn’t. Players’ appeal numbers were scored based on the percentage of those whose response was to “like” the player or “like him a lot.”

The biggest takeaway from our annual look at player popularity in the NFL: fans like quarterbacks, low-key pass catchers and Green Bay Packers. Who they don’t like: quarterbacks, cocky pass catchers and Dallas Cowboys.

Fans take a liking to workmanlike receivers Rob Gronkowski (58%) and one of the league's most consistent wide receivers for years, Donald Driver (57%), but not to perceived divas Randy Moss (24%) and Santonio Homes (28%).