Better Half Photo Gallery

Behind the Scenes, Ep. 11

Donald Driver joins the hosts of "The Better Half."

Donald gets ready for the show.

From left to right; Courtney Finley, Rachel Manek, Betina Driver and Geeta Bishop.

Amy and Donald in the kitchen.

Courtney and her little guy Kayden.

Gino Salamone joins the group to talk about the new "Breaking Dawn" movie.

The Drivers are featured in a special holiday edition of People magazine.

Betina watching Donald make his sweet potato casserole.


Behind the Scenes, Ep. 10

From left to right: Rachel Manek, Lindsey Kuhn, Amy Hanten, Courtney Finley, Geeta Bishop, Betina Driver.

Lindsey Kuhn shares her grandmother's lasagna recipe.

Modern takes on the cornucopia.

Lindsey in the kitchen with Amy.

Gino interviewed Daniel Craig.

Courtney and Geeta smile for the camera.


Geeta visits Real Milwaukee

Take a look at a few behind the scenes and post-show photos of the Bishops in the Real Milwaukee studio.

The Bishop's with Real Milwaukee

Geeta and the Real Milwaukee hosts

Green Bay Packers linebacker and husband, Desmond Bishop


Behind the Scenes, Ep. 7

It's all about Halloween on the show.

The ladies ready for another show.

Emily Nelson bakes up some delicious treats.

Emily Nelson turns a box cake mix into pumpkin cupcakes.

Check out Courtney's "diva" pumpkins.

Courtney's little one dressed up for Halloween.


Behind the Scenes, Ep. 6

The crew getting ready for the show.

The ladies chat with Eileen Gbaja-Biamila.

Amy and Eileen making some treats.

Making Eileen's "Everyone will be happy cookies".

DIY Project: Take your kids artwork and turn them into coasters.

Courtney shares some of her favorite baby items.

Betina shows off her kids artwork.

The Better Half hosts trying Eileen Gbaja-Biamila's family treats.


Behind the Scenes, Ep. 5

Our in-studio guests.

Betina's hubby Donald makes a special appearance.

Interview with the cast from the Blue Man Group.

Amy and Courtney making chicken tacos.

Courtney's chicken tacos.

Geeta and Betina trying some food.


Tamika Jones joins the ladies.

Betina Driver cooks up a family favorite.

Talking with Tamika Jones.

Courtney and Geeta making some fun fall crafts.

Making some fall cocktails.


Got to try the food. The ladies taste Geeta's recipes.

Geeta shares a family favorite recipe.

Nichole from Petal Pushers teaches the ladies how to do some cute green and gold centerpieces.

Gino talks Hollywood with the ladies.


Courtney Finley & Betina Driver watch clips with our Hollywood insider.

Greg Jennings wife Nicole came on the show to cook up some family favorites.

Betina and Geeta


Time for a DIY project. This weeks was creating your own canvas!

Gino Salomone talks about his favorite celebrity interviews.

From left to right, Courtney Finley, Rachel Manek, Betina Driver and Geeta Bishop.